Chris Carter Admits to Bounties

Charles E. Sutton | 5/15/2012, 11:15 a.m.

Bounties aren't limited to defensive players. Former NFL wide receiver Chris Carter confessed to placing bounties on players during his NFL career. He admitted to paying teammates for on-field protection.

Speaking on ESPN radio a few days ago, Carter recalled former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski once telling him in pre-game, "I'm gonna end your career." So Carter took matters into his own hands. "I put a little change on his head before the game. If a guy tries to take me out, a guy takes a cheap shot on me? I put a bounty on him right now!"

The former wide receiver insists that he was not the only player doing this. "Hell no," Carter said. "But you have to realize the league we grew up in, the bounty was based on protection, or a big hit, excitement or for helping your team win. It wasn't to maim or hurt the dude. When a guy said he was going to hurt me, my recourse was to put a bounty on him to make sure."

Carter described placing a monetary bounty on opponents as a self-preservation move.

"Protect me...Protect me from him...especially if he's playing a different position where I can't protect myself," Carter said. "I'd tell one of them guards, Hey man, this dude is after me, man, Bill Romanowski. He told me he's gonna knock me out before the game, in warm-ups. No problem. I put a little change on his head before the game. Protect myself, protect my family."

Now, Bill Romanowski, the former NFL linebacker, has fired back on a controversial topic that surfaced when the New Orleans Saints bounty system came to light in March. Romanowski called the comments by Carter, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in the famous 1989 Thanksgiving Day "Bounty Bowl" a fabrication.

"It is absolute fiction," Romanowski said on "The Dan Patrick Show." "If he could read my mind in pregame, yeah, maybe he had it right. But I didn't talk before games. I was in the zone. I was focused. I was thinking everything I had to do to help our defense, to help our team win a football game. That's all that mattered."

So, what did Romanowski say?

"I'd say something like, you're going down," Romanowski said. 'That's about as much as I would say to a guy like that. Chris Carter, to me, at that point, he didn't really mean anything. If it was a tight end or somebody that I really had to battle in the trenches with on every play it's a different story, but he was a receiver."

For several reasons, bounties continue to be a topic of debate in the league.

"If he put a bounty on me, it wasn't very good because it didn't work," Romanowski said. "I just think this is his way of trying to make himself relevant for what is going on now."