Christians React to President's Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Special to Informer | 5/17/2012, 4:41 p.m.

"I was raised 'old school' and when my son was born I checked to see that he had all of his fingers and toes and then immediately prayed to God that he not turn out gay. I was a deacon at my church, I was a respected member of my [Dallas, Texas] community, and a gay person in the family could ruin all of that," Hines said.

Despite keeping his sexuality away from his father for many years, Terrence Jr., eventually "came out", creating a rift between Hines and his wife Cynthia.

"She wanted to have [my son] and his 'friend' come over for family gatherings. They wanted me to acknowledge them as a couple. I wouldn't do it. He moved to California and it became a very lonely life. I had to choose between having my son on my terms or having him at all. Obama's position is one that a lot of Black parents of gay and lesbian children have to face and I support him," Hines said.

The Hines' reunited eight years ago.

Kendrick Marshall, 28, who lives in Chicago and attends The Israel of God Church, said that Obama's position could be political rather than religious.

"Well, I'm not going to lie. It was a little bit disappointing to hear President Obama, a professing Christian, say he supports same-sex marriage," Marshall said.

"But I understand this stance might be politically motivated to secure votes. Nonetheless, voters will have to make their own decisions on such matters based on what they believe both religiously and politically."