Academies at Cardozo Provide Career Options

Dorothy Rowley - WI Staff Writer | 5/23/2012, 2:15 p.m.

Karriem boasted about having 12 students who are graduating from the Academy of Construction & Design this year, but she was equally elated over the program's efforts to build a house as part of a classroom project. "Last year we started our first student-built house in the District which is just about complete, except for installation of cabinets and appliances," Karriem said. "We're hoping that will be done by the end of June."

The three-bedroom, 1,900-square-foot house is located at 5743 13th Street in Northwest. "This has never happened in the history of the District of Columbia," she said. Upon completion, Karriem said the house will go on the market, with proceeds going to the D.C. Students Construction Trades Foundation, so that the Academy of Construction & Design and its next project can continue.

Anndrell McDonald, 17, who studied carpentry, will graduate next month. She said that in addition to wanting to own a construction company, she aspires to be president of the Women's National

Basketball Association.

"I can help build the program as far as constructing a stadium for a basketball team or for different organizations," said Anndrell, who heads off to Garrett College in western Maryland in the fall.

Anndrell said the [program] she attends has helped her to become more focused and disciplined.

"After my father died I was out of control and had given up on school," Anndrell said. "I didn't care

about anything."

But she said that after talking one day with [Ms. Karriem] she had a change of heart. "After that, I started focusing more, and here I am about to go to college. [Ms. Karriem] really keeps her foot down."