Who's Afraid of the Coming White Backlash?

Askia Muhammad | 11/7/2012, 2:58 p.m.

The path of the backlashers today heads down the road to treason. For his part in the 1861 traitorous adventure, Gen. Lee was punished by the revocation of his citizenship, which was not restored until 110 years after his death! It took an act of Congress to make that traitor - who already had roads and schools named for him - an "American" citizen again. Did I already say these ideas belong on the trash heap of history? Well they do.

On the other hand, the legitimate insistence on the part of Black people for freedom, justice and equality cannot for long still be denied. The delusional American Exceptionalism crowd cannot govern, or dominate in the world without the willing, voluntary, enthusiastic participation of the 47 percent in this country who they believe don't take responsibility for their own lives, and the participation of the others they have kicked to the curb this election season - such as Black people and Latinos, whose "dream" path to citizenship they've thwarted.

So the Romney vision cannot be achieved unless, that is, the folks who have benefited most from the subjugation of the downtrodden are willing to abandon their notion of White privilege, and stand up and fight their own wars, and do their own dirty work. Fat chance of that happening.