Bill to Provide Seniors with Free Replacement Supercans

11/19/2012, 1:10 p.m.

Ward 5 Councilman Kenyan McDuffie recently introduced legislation to provide free replacement 96-gallon trash cans and 32-gallon recycling carts to District senior citizens. The bill will also allow seniors who move to a new home in the city to get a Supercan and recycling cart free of charge.

"For many seniors, living in the District has become less affordable. Senior citizens, most of whom are on a fixed income, should not be forced to absorb cuts in the District's budget - especially while we realize surpluses in two consecutive fiscal years," said McDuffie. "The Department of Public Works must be funded at a level adequate to fulfill its mission without passing along cuts to our seniors."

In 2011, the D.C. Department of Public Works was forced to remove the senior citizens subsidy for trash cans and recycling carts. Currently, DPW charges all residents $62.50 for a Supercan and $45 for a recycling cart.

AARP local Director Louis Davis said his organization is happy to support the "Supercans for Seniors Act."

"This Act provides meaningful assistance to older D.C. residents, who may be struggling to make ends meet in this tough economy," Davis said.

The bill, which was introduced on Nov. 1, is co-sponsored by council members Muriel Bower, Mary Cheh, Yvette Alexander, Michael Brown and Vincent Orange.