Readers' Voice

10/10/2012, 12:43 p.m.

Great Job, DCBIA!

I really enjoyed reading Elton Hayes's "Congress Heights Recreation Center Gets a Makeover," article in last week's [Oct. 4] edition of the Washington Informer. It was a pleasure to learn that the District of Columbia Building Industry Association [DCBIA] representatives took the time to invest in a community project. They're a large and influential association, and I was very impressed to see them out in the community, making a difference.

It was also refreshing to read that so many volunteers from diverse backgrounds, and walks of life, came out to participate as well. Young men like Lorenzo Simms, who brought along the youngsters who play on his basketball team participated in the daylong event. He's a great role model. I'm sure that there were other things that Simms could have found to do on a Saturday morning. But he was out in our community with his charges, helping to make it better.

Many children in Congress Heights call the recreation center their home and spend countless hours playing there. Its facilities have been in terrible shape for a while now. But thanks to the well-timed and much-needed renovations from DCBIA and their volunteers, the children now have a beautiful center to play in and enjoy themselves. The new pathways installed will make traveling to and from the nearby Metro station a lot safer and more accessible. The new community gardens are also a great addition.

I thoroughly enjoy reading the Informer, and stories like these are a large reason why. There's no shortage of negative news everywhere you turn. However, stories like Mr. Hayes's affirm that there are still people out there who have good hearts, are compassionate and remain committed to making a positive difference in our community. Keep up the good work!

Janice Watson

Washington, D.C.

HistoryMakers Make the Difference!

What a lovely article about those who have left an indelible mark not only upon our history but upon American history. The story, "HistoryMakers Program Showcases Distinguished Leaders at District Schools," written by Dorothy Rowley and published in the Oct. 4 edition of the paper, really hit the mark.

It's nice to know that people like former U.S. Rep. Ron Dellums, [D- Calif.] who also happens to be the current mayor of Oakland, Calif., and Reggie Weaver, the former president of the National Education Association along with Raymond Jackson, a professor of music at Howard University care enough about our children to return to District schools to share their life stories - provide invaluable insight - and recount their tribulations along the way. Despite the odds, failure was never an option for these men, nor should it be for our children.

I applaud the Washington Informer for covering stories of this nature and it's my most fervent hope that the paper continues to report stories that are uplifting and prove that despite the odds - we've always been and continue to be HistoryMakers!

Maurice Johnson

Washington, D.C.