Louis Farrakhan, a Man for All Time

Askia Muhammad | 10/17/2012, 6:38 p.m.

I saw Louis Farrakhan organize and lead to a deliriously successful conclusion, the Million Man March [MMM]. He crisscrossed the country, speaking to men-only audiences for months before the march, calling the men to unite, join organizations to do good in our communities, and to take responsibility for ourselves and for the destiny of our people. The men did just that and the March was successful, and it continues to bear fruit among our people. Long Live The Spirit of the Million Man March.

I was blessed to travel with the Minister as a reporter, literally around the world on three Friendship Tours after the MMM. Tours, which took us to dozens of countries on six continents -Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and North America - as well as to the Caribbean and some of the Pacific Islands. He was greeted like a Head of State and received with honors and pomp and circumstance by none other than South African Nelson Mandela and by Cuban Fidel Castro, among others.

I have seen him in good health and under medical affliction, and now, looking at him seven months from his 80th birthday, I have to agree with an observer, he looks like he's no more than 55 years old.

And today, without external fanfare he has mobilized the men of the Nation beginning two months ago to go into the streets to redeem our lost people, to increase the peace and to stop the violence among Black people in "da hood."

All the people who agree with me about the qualities the Minister demonstrates, will also agree that he is a man for all time.