Washington Informer Endorsements

10/31/2012, 2:36 p.m.

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone and we are grateful that the damage the storm caused along the way was not worse. We offer our heartfelt concern for those who experienced any loss due to the hurricane and hope that your recovery will be speedy. However, while the storm was a distraction from the impending elections at hand, Election Day is still just five days away. If you did not take advantage of early voting, we encourage you to make your voice heard by getting out to the polls and voting on Tuesday, Nov.6.

For those who still have doubts about who to vote for, we are adding our recommendations to the cacophony of endorsements for the candidates we believe can best represent the interests and concerns of our readers.

We start with President Barack Obama. Not just because he is an African American and we are a newspaper that serves the African-America community, as some would expect, but because we believe he has demonstrated his desire and ability to turn the economy around for the benefit of all Americans. We know how much Americans have suffered over the past four years, and we also recognize that African Americans have been affected the most. We believe if President Obama is re-elected, the middle class he wants to help will include those who need help the most. But as President Obama has cautioned, he cannot do it alone. Each one who makes gains must reach out to others to help bring them along. If Governor Mitt Romney realizes the plight of all Americans, his views and actions proved otherwise and raises concerns that his views will not change if elected.

On the home front, we stand by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton [D] in her re-election bid for her 12th term in office. But we would remind the hard-fighting non-voting representative to prepare a succession plan to take over her seat although we will still need her to stay engaged in the fight for D.C. Statehood. Michael Brown [D] for U.S. Senator and Nate Bennett-Fleming [D] U.S. Representative also have our support.

Chairman Phil Mendelson [D] was in the right place at the right time and his citywide appeal makes him the right person to continue to lead the D.C. City Council, especially at a time like this. We support his election as Council Chair and anticipate that he will do what is necessary to bring respect and ethics to the position he and his colleagues hold.

We spent some time with Mary Brooks Beatty [R] and were impressed with her passion to serve the District after serving several years as an ANC Commissioner in Ward 6. She reminded us of former Council member Carol Schwartz, also a Republican, but Beatty has a ways to go to galvanize support for a seat on the D.C Council, her passion will not equate to votes. David Grosso [I] is also likeable, but seems estranged from the issues affecting residents in the District's poorest wards. Therefore, we remain supportive of the re-election of at-large members Vincent Orange [D] and Michael Brown [D] who have some personal issues that need to be addressed but they both have proven records of support for longtime District residents and the growth of local and small businesses that hold the key to addressing the District's high employment rates.