Groove Phi Groove Fellowship Celebrates 50th Anniversary

9/11/2012, 2:20 p.m.

Founders and Brothers Worldwide Return to Morgan State University where Vsion Began

BALTIMORE, MD -- In October the city of Baltimore will play host to thousands of its favorite sons as Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship returns home to celebrate 50 years of community service, achievement and brotherhood.

It was Oct. 12, 1962, when 14 men at Morgan State College (now Morgan State University) solidified their vision of addressing education, leadership and social and economic issues in the black community, founded Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship. This was the beginning of a thriving movement that continues today, and boasts hundreds of chapters and approximately 40,000 members worldwide.

GPhiG will hold their 50th annual conclave Oct. 10-14 at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn. More than 5,000 members along with family and friends are expected to gather, including the organization's founders. As one of the youngest of the college-based black organizations,13 of its 14 members remain active with the Fellowship.

"This is a historic moment in the annals of our organization, and to celebrate it with our Founders makes it even more historical," said Victor P. Henderson, Groove Phi Groove president. "We are fortunate to be able to honor and interact with our Founders. The strength and commitment of these 14 men are a result of who we are today."

"It's truly overwhelming when you can see the results of your vision from a half a century ago still alive and active in our brothers today," said Barry Hampton, one of the founders and past president of Groove Phi Groove. "This anniversary represents a legacy of 50 years of service and dedication to the community. We're young, but through our many chapters, we have become a major force when it comes to outreach, making a significant difference in the lives of others, and in ourselves."

This year's theme, "Celebrating the Past...While Charting the Future," is in recognition of the Fellowship's 50 years of service to the community, but also to build on the past to create a stronger future. During the 50th anniversary, GLA will sponsor students from various Baltimore high schools to participate in forums, with some students receiving scholarships during a special banquet.

To learn more about Groove Phi Groove visit www.groovephigroove.org.