Romney's Black 'Leadership Council'

Askia Muhammad | 9/19/2012, 12:06 p.m.

The two current Black Congress members who share the title of National Council Chairs with Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll are both damaged goods however. Freshman South Carolina Rep. and bachelor Tim Scott was forced to repay the American Enterprise Institute thousands of dollars when he took a lady friend and lingerie store owner to a legislative forum at a ritzy country club in Sea Island, Ga. His colleague, freshman Florida Rep. Allen West was drummed out of the Army because he unlawfully tortured enemy prisoners in Iraq.

Brother Malcolm X explained the importance of such "councils" a generation ago [paraphrasing]: "The White Man only likes to deal with one Black person at a time. So he sets up someone for all the rest of the Blacks to report to." It's the classic plantation "straw boss" scenario, the "rattler," the slave who takes it easy, reporting only to the Big Boss while the other slaves sweat and toil. In this case it's not one, there are 21.

My guess is that if this group has any future at all, it will be spent - as my former boss spent his first summer at work - quarrelling among themselves as to which of them is in the lead after the thousands of Caucasian male Republicans whose opinions do matter to the GOP.