City of Praise Minister Bobby Henry Returns to Church

WI Staff Report | 9/26/2012, 2:25 p.m.

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed a lower court decision, Thursday, September 20, negating a summary judgment that gave six church employees control over the church board of trustees. In no uncertain terms, the appellate court decision means that the summary judgment giving the questionable board authority is no longer in effect and Pastor Joel Peebles is able to resume his duties.

On Sunday, September 23, we will hold services at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Currently, Pastor Peebles is making plans with his ministry teams to return to the Landover campus in an orderly fashion.

Pastor Joel Peebles, Chairman William Meadows, the many church members who were excommunicated and the thousands of church members who left to support Pastor Peebles now have the freedom to return to the church home that they helped to build with their tithes and offerings.

"I was among the church members who received a letter from the purported board terminating my membership. I have served in ministry at the City of Praise for over 23 years and count the Appellate Court decision a great blessing. During the time that we have been displaced, Pastor Peebles and Chairman Meadows have demonstrated outstanding leadership. Our church has continued to do the work of the Lord ministering to the greater Washington, D.C. community," he said.

Henry also said "We are supporting families battling cancer, through a Cancer Won't Win Program. We are serving the needs of the community through a 5,000 Hour Volunteer Challenge. We are saluting academic excellence with academic scholarships to our youth. The life of our church is vibrant and our future is bright. We are humbled and excited to return to the Landover campus and continue our work. This is a tremendous day for our community and the thousands of displaced congregants who have been faithfully waiting to return to their spiritual home, which was built by the grace of God and with their tithes and offerings."