Giving Unhappiness Permission to Go

Jewel C. Love | 9/26/2012, 2:21 p.m.

I feel very blessed to know that God wants us to be happy and full of joy. When we are in a lower set of energies (angry, frustrated, sad) instead of these higher energies (cheerful or at peace), we are not connected to Spirit. It's as if we are standing in front of a closed door and we keep walking into the door over and over. Until we change the way we feel back to the higher set of energies, we'll keep walking into that DOOR! I believe that God gets sad when we're not connected to Him.

Have you ever met or do you know someone who is miserable and unhappy? Perhaps he or she has had a life with a great accumulation of material things, a wonderful career with a great salary, and created a family, but they can't move away from their misery, dissatisfaction and emptiness. He could be holding on to a love that's been gone for a long time, or she has experienced incredible sadness or not lived up to her full potential. Maybe these unhappy people believe Spirit views it as a good deed that they put themselves last all the time and dismiss the need for their own emotional well being. Or as Joel Osteen likes to say, "They think it's their lot of in life." We know there can be many reasons for unhappiness.

The tough part is that often folks in this situation don't know how to move to a better place. For instance, those who have accumulated much in the material world may believe that if they really become happy, they'll lose so much of "what they have." Basically, they're afraid of taking their lives to a level of "unending happiness," so they stay in the comfort of their discomfort.

For those of us who choose the spiritual path and who, with boldness and courage walk through every curtain, door and gate in front of us, we know that in life you experience high and low emotions. Yet, the beauty is that we make the choice to stay wrapped in the arms of God. That thought just makes me grin! Be encouraging to those who are shying and running away from true happiness. Celebrate your wonderful choices.

I run toward the happiness I know is mine.

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