Three Atlanta Educators Turn Themselves In

4/2/2013, 10:38 a.m.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reported Tuesday morning that the first three of 35 educators involved in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal have turned themselves in to authorities.

According to the AJC report, Tameka Goodson, a school improvement specialist at Kennedy Middle School, was booked in to Fulton County Jail around 12:30 a.m. on a $200,000 bond, charged with racketeering and false statements and writings.

The indictment, handed up by a grand jury Friday, accuses Goodson of working with her school's principal and secretary to change students' wrong answers to right answers on standardized tests.

In addition, Donald Bullock, a testing coordinator at Usher-Collier Heights Elementary, arrived at the jail with his attorney just before 6 a.m. on Tuesday. He is accused of asking two teachers to participate in falsifying standardized test answer sheets and telling the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that he wasn't aware of teachers erasing test answers, according to the AJC' report. Bullock is charged with racketeering, false swearing and three counts of false statements or writings.

Benteen Elementary testing coordinator Theresia Copeland walked into the jail about an hour later, and is charged with racketeering, theft by taking and two counts of false statements or writings.

Copeland allegedly participated in collecting a bonus check based on falsified test results and misled investigators when she said she wasn't involved in cheating, according to the indictment.

Online jail records list the bonds for Bullock and Copeland at $1 million each.

(Source: Atlanta Journal -Constitution)