Israeli, Guantanamo Prisoners Discover Weapon

Askia Muhammad | 4/10/2013, 9 p.m.
Literally for decades the tiny state of Israel (population 8 million, about the size of Maryland) has branded itself as ...
Askia Muhammad

Literally for decades the tiny state of Israel (population 8 million, about the size of Maryland) has branded itself as a tiny oasis of freedom in the middle of hostile, despotic Arab nations which hate her. The truth of the matter is that Israel is an apartheid state which treats the Arab population within her borders, as well as in the Palestinian land she illegally occupies, and her surrounding neighbors as less than human.

Case in point (take heed Christian Zionists who believe Israel is a "co-religionist ally") even the Christians who are citizens of the Jewish state are not permitted to join the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) because they are Arabs. I guess they can't be trusted with weapons and military training.

The Israeli prison system has long been a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. When Palestinian militants have managed to capture an Israeli soldier, the Israelis will trade hundreds upon hundreds of jailed Palestinians to get that one Israeli released. I guess it may be the fear of karma, or something, like the Palestinians doing to the jailed Israeli what they do to the captured Palestinians.

Well, the ticking time bomb in the Israeli jails may be exploding, right before our eyes. Just like in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the prisoners may have found themselves a potent new weapon — starvation.

To protest the death in an Israeli jail recently of Maysara Abu Hamdiya, who had cancer, thousands, (maybe 80 percent) of Palestinian prisoners refused their food for a day to protest what they considered to be his inadequate medical attention.

At Guantanamo, dozens of the 160-some-odd prisoners have been on a prolonged hunger strike, although U.S. authorities claim only a handful are participating. Some of the hunger-striking prisoners have deteriorated so badly that they are being force-fed through feeding tubes inserted violently into their noses and down to their stomachs.

The Americans, anticipate a public relations nightmare, if some of the protesting prisoners start dying. That's because nearly half of those imprisoned at Guantanamo (half) have already been cleared for release by the CIA, the U.S. military authorities, and all the others who might want to claim they need to be jailed because they are a threat to this country or its interests. But in jail they all remain, with no prospects of freedom.

That's a depressing scenario, and it already led to the suicide death of a prisoner who had been cleared for release, but who languished in prison with no promise of ever seeing freedom again.

So now, both at Guantanamo, and in Israeli jails, these men who would be labeled "suicide bombers," and "existential threats" have chosen suicide by starvation, which is a much more courageous path than strapping on bombs and killing innocent civilians.

Their pacts with death will only result in their own personal demise ... oh, and in the death of American and Israeli integrity. Their daily protests — should several of them start falling from their moral high ground and dying — are shredding the invincible U.S. military and the IDF in ways the detonation of a suicide vest could never do.

"These men, including many of my clients, say they are determined to leave Guantanamo one way or the other – alive or ... in a box," David Remes, a lawyer for some of the detainees said, according to a published report.

Who would have thought that these suspected terrorists, that these Arab extremists might wrest the moral authority from the United States and from Israel – two sister democracies holding back the tide of "Jihadism" and extremism in the Middle East, in a place that has been described as a "tough neighborhood?"

Meanwhile, because Israel defines Iran as its greatest remaining threat, the U.S. is now obsessing over that country's peaceful nuclear enrichment plans, North Korea has built and tested nuclear bombs and the missile delivery system to strike with those weapons, and this country just hopes "cooler heads will prevail."

It's like the Americans and the Israelis have the tiger by the tail. It's too dangerous to hold on, and it's unthinkable to let go.