The Real Reason Blacks Got to Play Major League Baseball

Askia Muhammad | 4/17/2013, 9 p.m.
Askia Muhammad

"This act broke up the Black teams, killed Black business in southern towns and cities, and many old ladies who sold pies, and there were hot-dog stands, popcorn, shoe-shine boys, Black restaurants, Black hotels. This business was all lost through my act, acting through my Negro mind.

"Had I not been a Negro, I would have told that group of my enemies that I would get the Black teams into baseball, not the Black player. Now, do you see the qualitative difference between getting the player in, and getting the Black teams in?"

Well, "racism – White Supremacy, with the specific definition of racism – White Supremacy in parenthesis, is the dominant power context," concerning ball games today, psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing told me in a telephone interview for this article.

"This is what I feel that Whites consciously and subconsciously think that if the Negro Leagues had just been allowed to go on and flourish, and you had White leagues going on and flourishing, you would then see the Blacks dominating all the time. So, then they cut out the Negro Leagues and then they select(ed) a few Blacks to play, (so today) you are not looking at Blacks constantly beating Whites.

"What would you imagine would be the result if the so-called Negro Leagues had been allowed to continue? Who would you imagine would dominate?" Dr. Welsing said.