LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Filling a Need in the Metro Area

8/7/2013, 3 p.m.
The late Calvin Rolark with his daughter Denise Rolark Barnes, publisher of The Washington Informer.

My job relocated me to the Washington D.C., area about a year ago from the West Coast. After reading an article about your publisher, Denise Rolark-Barnes, in a Sunday magazine I decided to pick up a copy of the Washington Informer at a Metro station that I frequent. The article highlighting Ms. Rolark-Barnes talked about her father, who founded the paper, and how he wanted The Informer to focus on the positive news in the African-American community in the District.

After reading the paper for several weeks now, not only does the Informer cover positive news, but it also has an insightful, fresh, and bold approach in reporting some of the important issues facing the African-American community. With so much going on in this city, as it pertains to the news, one can see how some good news can get overlooked, and that’s where, thankfully, The Informer steps in.

Samuel Jones

Alexandria, Va.

Hope Springs Eternal!

Stacy M. Brown’s article in the August 1, 2013 Sports Section, “Nationals Season a Swing and Miss” touches on several reasons why the Nationals are not having the kind of success many in the area thought they would have enjoyed this season. The Nationals’ 2012 season was nothing short of magical, but just because we had one of those years doesn’t automatically mean we will go further the next year. Baseball is a fickle sport and it’s not very predictable, but that’s why it’s so loved, anything can happen.

The Nationals are a good team, but they are not a great team yet. Once our young players learn to win the games they have to win and they become the clubhouse leaders, then I think the Nationals will begin to have a steady march to becoming a consistent power player in the postseason. And then with a little magic we will for sure raise that World Series flag over Nationals Park.

P. L. Smith

Washington, D.C.