8/28/2013, 3 p.m.
The article in the Aug. 15, 2013 edition of The Informer, “Millions Face Cuts in Food Assistance” is a prime ...
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The article in the Aug. 15, 2013 edition of The Informer, “Millions Face Cuts in Food Assistance” is a prime example of why the overwhelming majority of blacks and poor people in America vote Democratic.

Whenever the Republicans get control of the House of Representatives their rallying cry is always “America needs a balanced budget.” Well, believe me, there is nothing wrong with a balanced budget, but to do it on the backs of the poor and less fortunate of this country is morally wrong. Why not take some of that money that America sends overseas in aid to countries that take our money and at the same time call us ugly Americans.

Republicans in the House need to have easy targets so they can continue spreading lies about how the poor are getting over on the government. They refuse to even mention the billions of dollars corporations get from the government each and every year. They always target the people using food stamps, and that’s why they will never get my vote.

Leon Ashton

Washington, D.C.

A Must Have for Parents!

Thank you for the “2013 Back to School Supplement” in the Aug. 15, 2013 edition of the Informer. It’s just a fantastic piece of work, full of helpful information. There is nothing anywhere else in the media in this area that compares to the type of info you provide in your supplement. As a single parent of three school-age children, I find the topics to be invaluable. The first article in the supplement, “What Every Parent Needs to Know about Changes in the Classroom” was very interesting to read, and I hope my children’s classrooms will use some of these initiatives.

But the second article, “Building a Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher Matters,” is the one that is most helpful to me. Building a better relationship with the teachers is my goal for the year. I must admit I haven’t had the greatest relationships with teachers, and it has been my fault. The article raises some great points and I am going to try and change for the better, mainly for my kids.

Stephen Young

Washington, D.C.