Google Ads Appear on P.G. Schools Website

Joshua Garner | 12/3/2013, 8:35 a.m.
Google advertisements are being placed on the home page of the Prince George's County Public Schools system's website, seen here in a screen capture of the site on Dec. 3.

Google advertisements are making their way to home page of the Prince George's County Public Schools system's website while generating funds for scholarship programs, according to reports.

The site uses Google AdSense, a platform that places ads on websites based on a user's web searches and Internet browsing habits. The ads, which began populating the site two years ago, have generated about $160,000 in funds for the Excellence in Education Foundation, which distributes college scholarships to county students.

The school website adds a disclaimer that the schools system "does not endorse any messages, products or services presented in the ads below."

The ads generally run at the bottom of the web site and county officials choose which ads can be placed. Officials said they see the process as a partnership to add funds to the school system's budget.

County schools are jumping on a national trend of school systems padding their budgets with additional revenues after years of budget cuts due the recession.

"It's part of the times," said Daniel Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, in a recent news report. "It's the new normal."

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