Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Depression)

Doctor: Health All About Consciousness and Healing a Function of Consciousness

12/11/2013, 2 p.m.
The terms "winter depression" and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) describe a form of depression that occurs in the winter months. ...

Greetings in love and kindness. I am Dr. Karen Khadijah Davis-Foulks and I specialize in quantum health and healing as a Conscious Self Healthcare Educator and Nutri Energentics Systems (NES) Certified Provider in the nonsecular science of medicine. I assist you with creating your conscious self healthcare prescription plan ©. I personally invite you to call me for a 15 minute free conversation.

Community, what if almost everything you have been told about healthcare was the truth twisted with a lie? What if you could shift your state of consciousness to direct a flow of pure health in your human body and never experience a disease? What if growing old doesn’t mean that you get sick as you age but that you get better as you age? What if seasonal affective disorder and all other name diseases, illnesses and mental disorders was a state of consciousness that you could shift the reality of with just one thought?

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression)?

The terms ‘winter depression’ and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) describe a form of depression that occurs in the winter months. This happens only if you create a state of consciousness for it. Whatever you give thought to, then you must experience it; so if you think you have winter depression or any other disease names, then you have stamped disease in your consciousness so now you must experience it. What you experience in life is the Mental Equivalent of what’s in consciousness. Life is Consciousness!

Instead of creating an experience of depression and sadness during the winter months know that the winter is a good time to reassess (be still), to regenerate (eat well) and rebuild (cultivate a mind state of wellness) after all SAD and winter depression could just be a part of what is known as Medical Hexing. Could this also be known as the Nocebo Effect when negative thoughts harm your state of well being? Health is choice! Are you ready to choose it?

In his book, “Biology of Belief”, author Dr. Bruce Lipton implies from his research that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages coming from our positive and negative thoughts. The field of Epigenetics study shows us how our perceptions of things affect our health. It is very important that our community know and learn this new information.

The Art of Shift Moving from Disease Care to Conscious Self Healthcare

I offer workshops called Conscious Self Health Care M.O.V.E.S. (Mental Observation View Is Essential for Success) for adults and the Conscious Chess M.O.V.E.S program for the youth. It is important for us to know that the mind is nonphysical and cannot be sick. That the physical brain just like any other organ in the body could be suffering from cellular malfunctions and not a disease. Here is something that you can do right now to shift energy. Say “I am Healthy” by the power that lives and breathes in me I am Healthy. Thoughts are tools – they will enable you to transform and remove any energy blockages in your body, restore balance and enhance energy flow. Every thought, every breath, every action you take affects the vibration and frequency of your energetic being. Learn more at www.4celllife.com or contact Dr. K on 202.248.7749.