Mike Shanahan on the Chopping Block

NFL Insiders Speculate Redskins Coach Will be Fired

Stacy M. Brown | 12/18/2013, noon
The moniker may remain the same but it's highly probably that the Redskins will soon have a new head coach.

The moniker may remain the same but it’s highly probably that the Redskins will soon have a new head coach.

Mike Shanahan, whose overall losing record in four seasons with the team could be sufficient enough reason for owner Dan Snyder to fire him, appears to have pounded the final nail in his coffin.

He’s publicly feuded with star quarterback Robert Griffin III, recently announcing that he’s shut down the former Heisman Trophy winner for the remainder of the season.

“The only thing Mike Shanahan is trying to shut down is his job as coach of the Washington Redskins,” said Jay Glazer of Fox Sports.

“The coach sees the writing on the wall after an awful season and is benching Griffin because he wants to get fired so he can sit at home and collect his $7 million salary for next season,” said Glazer, 43.

Other NFL analysts and former players have questioned Shanahan’s tactics as the Redskins poor play led to an embarrassing photo taken during a recent game at FedEx Field in Landover in which there appeared to be more team personnel than fans inside the stadium.

Also, during a nationally televised game between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos on Thursday, Dec. 12, former NFL greats Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin engaged in a heated discussion about the rift between Shanahan, 61, and Griffin, 23.

Warner asked what the benching of Griffin would do to the team’s locker room morale.

“To me, this undermines your leadership role,” said Warner, 42.

“How do I lead my guys when you don’t even let me go out on the field and go to battle with them?”

Faulk called Shanahan’s decision “so wrong in so many ways.”

“There are so many fingers to be pointed, and when you start with the one guy [who’s] dynamic, [who’s] your leader, [who’s] the face of your franchise, it’s a power play,” said Faulk, 40.

However, Sanders, a Hall of Fame cornerback who briefly played for the Redskins, said Griffin deserved a seat on the bench.

“RGIII needed a little humble pie. We all know what’s happening behind the curtain. Some of his teammates say he’s gotten a little bit besides himself [because of] his fame,” said Sanders, 46.

“He may have needed a little humble pie. All of us, in some form or fashion during our careers, [are] humbled at some point. Either, it comes early or it comes late. He’s getting his now, and I’m sure he’s going to bounce back.”

Irvin, the former Dallas Cowboy great, said Shanahan has presented the biggest problem in Washington this season.

“It is amazing to me. And here’s something nobody is talking about: This is the third person that Mike Shanahan has had an issue with that was a star player with the Washington Redskins,” said Irvin, 47.

“I understand, coaches come in and they want to grab control, and they usually go after a star player to get control,” he said.