Mike Shanahan on the Chopping Block

NFL Insiders Speculate Redskins Coach Will be Fired

Stacy M. Brown | 12/18/2013, noon
The moniker may remain the same but it's highly probably that the Redskins will soon have a new head coach.

“You think they could do this to Andrew Luck? Let me ask you that, you think they could do this to Luck?”

Despite the team’s 3-11 start and the controversial benching of Griffin, Shanahan disputed the notion that he’s trying to get fired.

“Unless you’re really in the situation, it’s really hard to jump into somebody’s shoes,” he said.

“And, everybody has opinions on everything, especially when you get paid to give your opinions. But, when you’re here and you’re the coach, you’re going to do the best thing that you believe, with all the facts involved … for the organization. And, sometimes you don’t know all the things that we’re evaluating,” Shanahan said.

The decision as to whether Shanahan loses his job rests squarely on the shoulders of Snyder, 48, who must consider whether eating $7 million is worth ridding the team of its head coach.

Some NFL insiders suspect that Snyder might be waiting the situation out with hopes that Shanahan resigns, therefore taking the owner off the hook for the remaining dollars on the coach’s contract.

Snyder has yet to publicly comment on the situation and Griffin refuses to engage in a media war with his coach.

“The coach is doing what’s best for the team,” Griffin said. “We all want to win.”