THE RELIGION CORNER: Do All You Can, While You Can!

Lyndia Grant | 12/18/2013, noon
Are you living up to the expectations that our Heavenly Father had in mind for you?
Lyndia Grant

Based on scientific accounts, the earth formed more than 600 million years ago. We can’t even begin to imagine how many human beings have walked the face of the earth since the days of Adam and Eve. When we look at the short life span we can expect, we’re really only a mist, just like the Bible says. We’re here today and gone tomorrow.

Let’s do all we can, for as long as we can, while we can. Never quit looking for a way to get where you need to go; do all you can. In this column I will share the four important keys that we should consider in order to have a successful life. They are philosophy; attitude; activity; results.

Philosophy is defined as ‘how you think,’ and ‘what you think about and why.’

Our philosophy begins the day we’re born. The baby food we’re fed, whether it taste good or not; the care you receive as a child; how you are spoken to; what you hear others saying to each other; you learn pain and you learn hunger quickly. Then, you can continue to learn new influences by reading daily and going to school or college, and taking courses.

We are all governed by what we think, and that determines just how much we will or will not do. Some people believe they’re not entitled to any more than they have. They were raised and taught that life isn’t fair, and unfortunately, ‘don’t expect good things to come their way.’

They were never taught that ‘if it is to be, it’s up to me’ a quote made famous by the late Dr. Calvin W. Rolark. You came this way for a purpose. Are you living up to the expectations that our Heavenly Father had in mind for you? I’m here to remind you to ‘do all you can, while you can.’

The next important key we must recognize is attitude: How we feel. Our feelings govern our attitude. We allow our past to overwhelm us rather than stay focused on the future. What has happened already is over and cannot be changed.

We can learn from the past though. Take the good, leave the bad and keep looking forward. We must stay focused on our future. It’s easy when we know what price we must pay in order to obtain the promise of a better future. We lose hope when we fail to see the promise for a better future. Then we waste valuable time by doing nothing.

Finally, we need activity. Activity is what we do on a daily basis. Let’s use the story of the ants as an example. Ants can’t wait to get out, the first warm day they come out in droves. How much will ants gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All they can. Ants never quit. They’re looking for a way to get where they’re going. Ants think ‘winter’ all summer long. Ants go over barriers, around them, and they go under them. When the weather becomes too cold, back inside they go. But ants can hardly wait for another warm day!

They get back to work.

Have you ever given any thought to the growth of a tree? How tall will a tree grow? It will grow as tall as it can; it will spread its roots as far as they will go; it will grow as many leaves as it can. Why would human beings stop growing? It’s because we were born with the power of choice.

Results, our final principle, and that’s made possible by ‘doing.’ Do you think that you should work from 9-5 and that’s all? Do you watch the clock and refuse to work another minute longer?

Do all you can, while you can!

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