Virginia Offers 'Old School' Vacations in a New Way

12/18/2013, noon
Just in time for the holiday travel season, the Virginia Tourism Corporation has launched a new website to help visitors ...

Just in time for the holiday travel season, the Virginia Tourism Corporation has launched a new website to help visitors find the best of Virginia's small town treasures and old school favorites. Virginia's Old School travel site features 50 road trip ideas full of places like old-fashioned diners, classic drive-ins, authentic small towns and quirky roadside wonders. Visitors to www.Virginia.org/OldSchool will find stunning photography, videos, and itineraries to inspire a classic road trip.

"Retro is back - it's hot, hip, and fueling a resurgence of funky fun. We are so excited to share small town Virginia with the rest of the country and the world," said Rita McClenny, president and CEO of Virginia Tourism Corporation. "The Old School Web site provides countless trip ideas to experience off-the-beaten path spots that have been local favorites for generations, many of which can be done as a 48-hour getaway.

"These places inspire a sense of nostalgia and help visitors relax and reconnect with loved ones on a visit to Virginia. Our charming small towns coupled with a booming wine, craft beer, and culinary scene make for an always-unforgettable road trip in Virginia," said McClenny.

Visitors will also be able to upload their own reels to a virtual retro ViewMaster, sharing their own unique stories of special road trips exploring the hidden gems Virginia has to offer. Individual reels will be cataloged and searchable amongst the 200+ existing reels on the Old School website.

"Back in the day, a few clicks of a lever could spin you through a trip to scenic wonderlands," said McClenny. "Virginia vacations have always been reel-worthy, filled with nostalgia, beautiful scenery, quaint downtowns, and hidden treasures. Now, you can discover what a true Virginia vacation story is all about. No eye-crossing 3-D stimulation on this reel - just glorious, full color 2-D images of travel adventures across the state of Virginia."

How it Works:

Each region of Virginia has authentic small town sites, events and experiences on Virginia.org/OldSchool that are conveniently listed in road trip itineraries and four fun categories:

Old School Eats - diners that have been family-run for generations, drive-up restaurants with the world's best BBQ, and old-fashioned soda fountains are scattered throughout Virginia's small towns and await hungry travelers looking for a taste of something real.

Roadside Wonders - giant roller skates, enormous pencils and super-sized frying pans are some of the quirky sites that make for the best photo ops and are featured in the Road Trip Ideas section.

Wines, Brews and Spirits - Virginia is home to more than 220 wineries, 40 craft breweries and numerous spirit distilleries, most of which are open for tastings and tours and make for great destinations.

Music Jams - from the mountain music of The Crooked Road to the Piedmont blues to honky tonk tunes and Patsy Cline's Crazy, Virginia's musical heritage is on full display across the state. Music jams break out in every corner of the commonwealth and are great events to inspire a trip.

Go to www.Virgina.org/OldSchool and enjoy the journey in small town Virginia. Or call 1-800-VISITVA to request a free, Virginia is for Lovers travel guide. Connect with Virginia at www.Facebook.com/VirginiaisforLovers or on Twitter @VisitVirginia.