'My Brother Marvin' Coming to Warner Theatre

2/12/2013, 1:18 p.m.

"My Brother Marvin," the untold story of the late R&B singer Marvin Gaye comes to D.C. for presentations March 5-10 at the Warner Theatre.

Nearly 30 years after Marvin was shot by his father, his sister Zeola Gaye tells the real story of life with her musical genius brother.

Marvin Gaye's story is undisputedly documented in the annals of music history with his continual string of number one and top ten hits, unforgettable duets and larger than life persona. No doubt, from his auspicious introduction to music at an early age until his premature and untimely death at the age of 45 in April 1986, one fact remained undeniably true--Marvin was the voice of his generation.

But, what about the man? What about the influences and people who shaped Marvin, those forces which destroyed Marvin, those who loved Marvin and the family who now carries on the legacy of Marvin?

In this shocking and spellbinding stage play, starring Lynn Whitfield, Clifton Powell, Tony Grant, Keith Washington and Lia Grant, audiences will experience the most candid and revealing story of life with this musical icon that has NEVER been told. Based on the first-hand accounts of Zeola Gaye, "My Brother Marvin" pushes the envelope by revealing Marvin's internal battles, greatest fears and most salacious family secrets.

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