Farrakhan Reacts to Movie, 'Betty and Coretta'

2/16/2013, 10:58 a.m.

Producers of the Lifetime movie, "Betty and Coretta" could face legal action by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, according to a commentary on Black America Web.

The movie, which debuted earlier this month, recounts how the widows of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. - Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King - coped with the deaths of their husbands. Shabazz and King are played by Mary J. Blige and Angela Bassett, respectively.

While Farrakhan has not taken action against either the film's producers or executives of the Lifetime Network, the movie makes references to him being behind Malcolm X's Feb. 21, 1965 murder.

Farrakhan said he's falsely depicted in the movie, which he added, seeks to destroy his reputation.

"It is because the murder of Malcolm X is still alive in the hearts and minds of many, and they wish to charge me with that crime in order to seek to destroy my reputation with the people that love and admire me," Farrakhan said in a Final Call interview. "And also, to plant the seed in the hearts of those who don't know me that I am, in fact, a 'murderer.'"

In December 1964, Farrakhan denounced Malcolm X in the Nation of Islam's newspaper, but admitted years later that his words contributed to the climate of hatred, acrimony and retribution between NOI members and Malcolm X's followers.

"I have appealed to the government to open the files," Farrakhan was quoted as saying in a BET report. "So that everything in those files could be made manifest, not only to the Shabazz family, and the families of those so ill-affected by his murder, but also my family and the lives that are constantly put in the public."

(Sources: Black America Web, BET)