Coalition to Host School Closures Forum

2/25/2013, 11 a.m.

African communities in the District of Columbia continue to face an onslaught of attacks on their public schools, which is essentially a continuation of the attack on African education.

School closures, privatization of public schools, and tracking for the nefarious school to prison pipeline are some of the significant reasons the D.C. chapter of the Black is Back Coalition (BIB) is actively organizing to put a halt to these vicious attacks, starting with the 2013 slated school closings. BIB is unequivocally committed to this issue.

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, the BIB coalition will be hosting a vastly important community town hall forum addressing the slated 2013 school closures. This forum will be on the campus of Howard University in the Blackburn Center Digital Auditorium.

We are inviting all concerned community members to attend this forum in an effort to strategize and organize around this vital issue. We must prevent the closing of these schools, as they would have myriad negative effects on students, as well as their families. D.C.'s government officials, including Public School Chancellor Kaya Henderson, continue to show no respect or regard for the youth in these communities and the negative impact the school closings would have on their families. BIB cares about the District's African-American community, which is why we are actively organizing to help stop these closures, as well as to prevent the charter school from metastasizing further within D.C.

For more information please contact us by email info@blackisbackcoalition.org or by phone (202) 681-7040.