What Good Is Malcolm X?

Askia Muhammad | 2/27/2013, 11:18 a.m.

But Brother Malcolm's currency in this Orwellian world is the fact that he recanted, and no longer advocated the message taught by Mr. Muhammad. His 12 years of testimony about the truth of Mr. Muhammad's teaching counts for nothing on this scale, and his one year of defamation against Mr. Muhammad, is what so many, even those born years after both Mr. Muhammad and Brother Malcolm had departed from among us still cling to as "the truth." A brilliant job, performed by mad men. They made evil fair-seeming in a wicked world of tricks and lies.

By this convoluted calculus Brother Farrakhan has no value. That is because he stands by Mr. Muhammad and staunchly defends his teacher. By the same token, Brother Malcolm is celebrated in this society, not for the truths he told about this wicked country which subjected Black people to the worst cruelty under slavery that has ever been known to man, but rather because he turned against the man who put those words of truth and condemnation into his mouth in the first place.

What good is Malcolm X? He is like a propaganda gift that keeps on giving, because those who hated him when he was in the NOI, and continue to hate Mr. Muhammad, the NOI, and Brother Farrakhan who restored the NOI according to Mr. Muhammad's teachings; because those who hated both Mr. Muhammad and Brother Malcolm are able to feign their approval of Brother Malcolm, in order to condemn the true message of liberation - separation from White America - which Mr. Muhammad gave us, that Brother Malcolm once embraced. Genius. Mad men.