Farrakhan: 'Movie Django Preparation for Race War'

1/2/2013, 10:33 a.m.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan recently spoke with Dr. Boyce Watkins of "Your Black World" about the controversial new movie, "Django Unchained."

Both men agreed that the film could spark heightened racial tension between blacks and whites. Minister Farrakhan, who said the movie "is preparation for a race war," added however that to him, the movie had purpose. He further commented that:

"Black people could sit there and remember his words 'I am one in ten thousand.' He played his part. And when they asked him about the word "nigg*r" that was used so much -- I think about 110 times -- he said, 'Well, you know, I had a chance to work off my frustration.'

"He was killing all these white folk. Well, how does a white person see that? How do white people who feel the guilt of what their fathers have done to us, how do they feel? Do you think that they don't think that if black folk had a chance to do to them what they had done to us -- that's what the movie is saying -- that one out of ten thousand will be like that and maybe more.

"So to me, I loved his part. He played it well. Samuel Jackson, he played his part well. I mean if I were a Tom sitting in the theater -- I mean he played Tom to the max -- so, a lightweight Tom would want to get out of being a Tom just looking at the way he played Uncle Tom. DiCaprio, he played the white man jammed up."

Farrakhan also commented on the film's impact surrounding gun control legislation:

"To me the movie changed the direction of guns against a focus on a government that's not working well, to a threat from black people who have suffered and endured the worst form of slavery in human history," Farrakhan said.

(Source: Your Black World)