NRA Unchained

Askia Muhammad | 1/9/2013, 12:27 p.m.

Understand one thing; this upcoming gun-control fight has nothing to do with sporting weapons, or anything legitimate at all. The gun owners want these terribly dangerous weapons for one reason and one reason only: these automatic assault rifles and pistols are the most efficient tools available for killing human beings. Period.

And just what people do these gun enthusiasts have in mind for the coming slaughter? Black people, that's who.

And so we have a fictional Black man thrilling audiences nationwide, taking guns and murdering White people almost for sport, and then we have this real-life Black man telling these rabid, froth-mouthed White "gun enthusiasts" that this country has too many guns, more than 300-some-odd-million, as many guns as there are people.

Only thing is, some people - mainly Black - don't have these huge weapons caches all over the country, waiting for the American "race war" to erupt.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his followers to not carry weapons of any kind. He said by carrying a gun you demonstrate that you believe that the gun's power is superior to the power and protection of Almighty God (Allah).

While White Americans and the NRA say out loud, "In God We Trust," under their breath they are really saying something more like, "Sure, pray. But pass the ammunition."