An Interview with DC's Own DJ Heat

Brittney Palmer | 1/25/2013, 2:23 p.m.

When you're out at a party or in the club and your favorite song comes on, you get the instant urge to scream, dance your heart out (even if it means sweating out your hair) and sometimes you even go down memory lane. So who is it that makes this happen? The DJ of course! DJ Heat is one of those DJ's. She is sure to keep you jammin' from the minute you walk in the club.

Singers, dancers, artist, and rappers have battles and competitions to determine who is the best at what they do. Every year, Red Bull hosts such a battle for DJ's, The Red Bull Thre3 Style Battle is an international contest for highly skilled DJ's.

This year, five DJ's from the DMV have been selected to participate in the first of three stages of this battle. The first stage is the preliminary qualifier which is held here in DC on January 25th 2013 , where five DJ's will face off but only three will place, stage two is the U.S National qualifier held in Los Angeles California in April 2013 the final stage is the World Finals in Toronto, Canada in December 2013. Each DJ gets fifteen minutes to "Rock the Crowd" and showcase their skills, this isn't your average 'scratch' and 'mix' competition, DJ Heat of WPGC 95.5, is one of the five DJ's selected for this year's preliminaries.

I had the opportunity talk to DJ Heat before the battle about what it means to be a DJ, and what she believes may be the most challenging part of the competition. After talking to Heat I'm confident she has what it takes to "Rock the Crowd"!

WI: How did you get started as a DJ?

DJ Heat: I was thirteen or fourteen years old when I first knew I wanted to be a DJ, I saved up all of my money and bought some DJ equipment and back then there was no YouTube or anything like that directed towards teaching skills or techniques, so I spent hours in my bedroom trying to mimic what I heard on mix tapes, not the ones like today but actual mix tapes, cassette tapes that I ordered fromThe Source magazine. It's just something that since age thirteen I knew I wanted to do, during college (Morgan State University) I fell off a little bit, but it has always been instilled in me so after college I picked it back up.

WI: What has been your proudest moment as a DJ?

DJ Heat: I would say the first time I was asked to DJ Sneaker Pimp, because at the time it was the biggest crowed that I ever got to DJ in front of and I was kind of in the zone because as a DJ, that's what you feed off of, the crowd reaction, it's a two way street, the energy that you give and receive. I was just like wow...To hear all the people screaming.

WI: You're the editor-in-chief of the award winning DC metro area Hip-Hop blog DcMumboSauce.com, for those who aren't familiar with the blog, can you tell them what it's about and what inspired you to start it?