An Interview with DC's Own DJ Heat

Brittney Palmer | 1/25/2013, 2:23 p.m.

DJ Heat: The blog is dedicated to the DMV music scene, some people think that it's strictly for rap but it isn't hip-hop specific, I post all kinds of music like Reggae, R&B, and Rock. I started the blog because I've always wanted to help artist in this area build themselves up and give them that extra push. I noticed when I started the blog in 2007 that there were a lot of music blogs out there but being that they're so big they get flooded, and the internet is important to build your buzz and get your name out there so we needed something locally to be a breathing ground for our local artist to build their buzz up and get their name out so I started DCMumboSauce.

WI: Over the years you have received several awards, which are you most proud of?

DJ Heat: I would probably have to say when I won three DMV awards in 2009, I won "Most Supportive DJ", "Most Supportive Radio Personality" and "Most Supportive Media Person", that was important to me because it's the fact that I was nominated for all of those categories and I won them all, and I believe in being genuine so I never campaigned for it or asked for people to vote for me, it just let me know that so many people in this area recognize what I do.

WI: The Red Bull Thre3 Style is like the battle of all battles for DJ's, how did you find out you were selected and what did that feel like?

DJ Heat: A Red Bull representative for the area, Modi reached out to me and he told me about it, I attended it last year and I have always been a fan of the battle, so when he asked me what I thought about it, I said I would do it, I'm happy that they reached out to me and I feel honored to be the only female in the Red Bull battle so I plan to represent well.

WI: For the Red Bull Thre3 Style, you and the other DJ's will be judged on creativity, track selection, mixing skills, stage presence and crowd reaction, which of these, if any do you feel may be the most challenging to accomplish?

DJ Heat: I would probably say crowd reaction, that's always a challenge because all of those other things play a part in the crowd's reaction. And the type of DJ I am I pay attention to the crowd and how they react, you never want to be too off the wall and get blank faces, you have to pay attention to the crowd.

WI: What is your all-time favorite track to get the crowd hype?

DJ Heat: You kind of stumped me with that one because, its certain tracks that you can still play that you'd be shocked that people still react to like Shawty Lo's "They Know" when I drop that in the club people still get hype to that, and even Master P's "Hot Boyz" you know it's crazy but I guess it's like music is timeless, it just depends on the crowd, Monica's "Like this and Like That" still gets some crowds hype and when I did the event for the Delta's last weekend they loved all the old school music. I do so many different types of events and there's a lot of diversity so it really just depends on the crowd.