An Interview with DC's Own DJ Heat

Brittney Palmer | 1/25/2013, 2:23 p.m.

WI: What advice would you give to aspiring DJ's?

DJ Heat: I would have to say, to learn the craft the old fashioned way because now as DJ's we use laptops and we have Serato, and it's a gift and a curse to use the software that we use, for someone like me who started out carrying actual records and DJing with actual records, it's a gift because we don't have to carry around a bunch of records anymore. But for newer DJ's that are starting straight out on the software, they're lacking a lot of skills that you had to have as a DJ coming up, like they feel like they don't need head phones, they don't know how to beat match, you know a lot of simple things so I stress, learn the craft the old fashioned way, pretend like you don't have that laptop you need to learn the basics of being a DJ, it's not as easy as saying I have a laptop and I got music playing so now I'm a DJ.

WI: Who was your biggest inspiration?

DJ Heat: As far as DJ's, when I was coming up I was a big fan of a female DJ named DJ Lazy K from New York, she was one of the first mix tapes that I ever bought just for the fact that she was a female and I was like ok, here's a female hip-hop DJ and I was kid and I wanted to grow up and be like her, and I'm blessed to actually be friends with her now, Lazy K was definitely a big inspiration. I also like DJ Scratch, he's amazing! That man was born to deejay, and he would do it 24 hours if he could. If he walks into a room and there's a turntable there DJ Scratch would get on it and you literally have to pull him away and I admire that, he's deejayed for LL Cool Jay, Jay-Z, the man is just a legend.

WI: What does the future hold for DJ Heat?

DJ Heat: Continuing to pursue my latest passion which is music videos, being behind the camera, shout out to Cool Kids Forever Films, I've been interning with them since last summer, so hopefully I can add director to my name, so being behind the camera, hopefully being in front of the camera too but definitely my next step is being in the film and video world.

To hear more from DJ Heat, listen for her on Pablo and Free on WPGC 95.5 weekdays from 6:00a.m-10:00a.m, you can also check out her website: djheatdc.com or her award winning blog: dcmumbosauce.com. Follow DJ Heat on Twitter: @DJHeatDC