Go-Go Legends Trouble Funk Celebrate 35th Anniversary at Howard Theatre

John Richards | 7/3/2013, 11:19 a.m.
Trouble Funk will perform at the Howard Theatre on Saturday, July 6. (Courtesy of thehowardtheatre.com)

Longtime D.C. music icons Trouble Funk will celebrate 35 years in music with an anniversary show Saturday at the Howard Theatre.

Known for their “very raw and hardcore” style, Trouble Funk is one of the pioneers that helped make go-go the "sound of the city."

“If you listen to the groups right now to this day, these groups, they all can play each other’s music,” said Big Tony, the group's frontman. “Nobody tries to play Trouble Funk’s music and that’s because Trouble Funk's music is in a category of its own. We truly created not just the music but the sounds; we created our own sounds to go with the music.”

Go-go — the District's homegrown brand of driving soul and funk — was created by the late Chuck Brown. Brown and his Soul Searchers, along with Trouble Funk and legendary groups such as Rare Essence and Experience Unlimited aka E.U., helped bring the genre to a national audience.

Trouble Funk is currently working on a new single, "Humpty," and a new album, “Unfinished Business,” to commemorate their anniversary, Big Tony said.

Asked what keeps him going after all these years, he said, "My love for music and the grace of God."

Trouble Funk will perform 8 p.m. at the Howard Theatre on Saturday, July 6. Doors open at 6 p.m. For tickets, visit thehowardtheatre.com.