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WI Web Staff | 7/22/2013, 9:34 a.m.
The Washington Informer is excited to introduce our two summer 2013 interns.
Candice German and Jordan Johnson Photo by Shevry Lassiter

The Washington Informer is excited to introduce our two summer 2013 interns. 

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa., Candice German is a senior at the historic Howard University in Northwest, D.C. 

When not working and attending classes, German enjoys nature photography and travel.  Watching a good movie or reading a good book and writing are some of the ways she likes to relax. 

German will graduate from Howard in the fall of 2014 with a major in advertising. 

“Having a one-on-one lesson with Mr. [Ron] Burke, making sure the client is benefitting and that you are not looked at as just selling for the money, brought back information taught in my advertising sales course and allowed me to apply it to my work at The Informer,” German said. 

Her future plans include working in commercial advertising at a global advertising agency. 

Jordan Johnson, in his fourth year of a five-year MBA program at Hampton University in Virginia, is a Silver Spring, Md., native. 

His hobbies include listening to music, travelling and sitting in a nice venue listening to the spoken word. 

While at The Informer, Johnson is using marketing strategies to develop new clients and improve relationships with current clients. 

“I expect to gain a new, more defined perspective on the business world through meaningful job assignments and first-hand interactions with clients,” said Johnson, who expects to receive his MBA in May 2015. 

“There is no more valuable opportunity a student can have to develop their professional skills than a real life, on-the-job experience offered through an internship,” said WI Publisher Denise Rolark-Barnes. 

“We try hard to give those students who show promise not only academically, but professionally, a chance to see what it’s like to work at a weekly community newspaper. Although they are students, we consider them professionals. Jordan and Candace are hard working, focused and attentive individuals. It’s clear that they will do well in their future careers.”