MUHAMMAD: Same-Sex, Conservative Agendas Now in Power

Askia Muhammad | 7/24/2013, 3 p.m.
As far as politics are concerned in the United States and throughout the Western world, there are two ascending ideologies ...
Askia Muhammad

The same sex movement marched into prominence as a liberal movement, identifying itself with the Black Civil Rights Movement, equating anti-sodomy laws prohibiting certain sex acts, with anti-miscegenation laws which prohibited interracial marriage. But now that same-sex couples have virtually all the rights attendant to heterosexuals, they have shed the liberal nomenclature and are comfortable in any and every ideological environment.

The same-sex culture is so powerful that, not only can this behavior not be even mildly criticized; it must be defended by politicians, just because. Why else would the Montgomery County Maryland county executive call on a private concert promoter which leases space on a county-owned college campus to cancel a concert by a Mexican-rock band which has recorded a song with a homophobic slur in the title of one of its many songs? This executive has not spoken out about racist Country Western and rock bands which have performed there. This executive – who is Black – did not defend the African-American president of the United States when a whole sack full of Country singers defamed the president calling him everything but a Child of God.

So it is, the Gay Pride movement, which no longer needs to fashion itself as a civil rights movement is large and in charge.

And the laissez-faire conservatives have forced everyone to check their philosophies at the door, lest they be branded or simply marginalized.