MUHAMMAD: Conservative 'Voter-Haters'

Askia Muhammad | 7/31/2013, 3 p.m.
I have a high level of distaste for the shameless politicians (and others) whose despicable behavior is such an insult ...
Askia Muhammad

I have a high level of distaste for the shameless politicians (and others) whose despicable behavior is such an insult to human decency that I wonder how civilized people can stand to be in the same room with them.

No I am not talking about New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, or San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, although their conduct in office is so loathsome until I wish I could be in their presence one time so that I could conspicuously turn my back and walk away from them rather than shake their hands (The Lord only knows where those men’s hands have been and what they’ve been doing).

Those two are a couple of stinking carcasses, but they are not the ones who’ve got me steamed up this time. No, it’s these sanctimonious legislators like those in North and South Carolina (and a bunch of other states) who are up in arms, enacting legislation to prevent “voter fraud” by requiring photo IDs for everyone wishing to cast a ballot in elections in their states.

“We found out that there were over 900 people who died and then subsequently voted. That number could be even higher than that,” South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson proclaimed on Faux (Fox) News in January 2012. Well, the truth is that this charge was compiled over the space of seven separate elections, and in fact only five of them were unresolved, according to Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler. Except for elections for elementary school student body presidents, I’d imagine fewer than a dozen elections among the gazillion elections which have been held in this country in the last seven years, have been decided by five or fewer votes!

South Carolina’s law enforcement agency conducted a monthlong investigation and issued a 476-page report in which they discovered that 495 of the allegedly deceased individuals who voted were not dead at all. Most were cases of sons with the same names as their fathers, or other errors in Social Security numbers. Needless to say, the South Carolina attorney general never went back on television to tell folks that his initial complaint was grossly exaggerated. No.

Instead, neighboring North Carolina has passed a voter ID law, where there is evidence of just 40 improper votes being cast in the last cycle which saw more than 3 million ballots cast! These rascals say they are not trying to “suppress voter turnout,” but rather they are trying to guarantee the “integrity” of the voting process. They are nothing more than lying buckets of expectorant (I wish I could really say out loud what I think of them).

No. What these scoundrels want is to guarantee the outcome of the elections, in favor of the White conservative candidates who will protect the rights of the rich and the privileged, and nothing more.

For the life of me however, I can’t understand why the dirt poor White voters – four out of five of whom a brand new study just revealed, struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives – why they continually vote against their own best interests, in favor of these lying, cheating politicians.