What to Do If Your Health Insurance Is Too High

3/8/2013, 9:42 a.m.

And some groups advocate new ways of paying for health-care they think will hold down exploding costs, especially paying for cures and not fees for each service, which encourage doctors and hospitals to load on expensive tests and procedures for patients.

While these debates continue, if you think your insurance company is taking advantage of you, you can always come to the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking. We're here to protect District residents from abuse by financial services companies. Your insurer may have a valid reason to raise premiums and may be within the prescribed amount of increase; but if not, we want to know about it.

For general questions about health insurance premiums, you can call us at 202-727-8000. If you would like DISB to look into your rate increase, go to our website at disb.dc.gov and the complaint section, where you can fill out the online complaint form or call and request a form. To review health insurance rates in the District, click on http://disb.dc.gov/page/health-insurance-rate-review-district.

About the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

The District of Columbia's Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking regulates the city's financial-services businesses. It has two missions: to effectively and fairly regulate financial services to protect the people of the District; and to attract and retain financial-services businesses.t. For more information, visit us on the Web at disb.dc.gov.