Baker Unveils Proposed Budget

3/15/2013, 5:53 p.m.

Prince Georges County Executive Rushern L. Baker has unveiled his proposed FY/2014 Operating Budgets, themed: "Thinking Anew: Building a More Effective and Efficient Government."

The $3.24 billion proposal - a slight increase over the current spendng plan -- follows the blueprint for transforming the county into a nationally recognized jurisdiction that has a thriving economy, great schools, safe neighborhoods, access to high-quality healthcare, effective human services for those in need and provides a clean and sustainable environment through the oversight of a highly proficient and transparent government.

"In order to continue to move our great county forward, we had to address and begin looking at how we would focus our resources in a new and different way," said Baker in announcing the proposal on Friday. "We continued to employ the Baker Principles as our framework for evaluating each and every agency, department and expenditure of this government. Without a doubt, this has been our toughest budget year yet due to a $152 million budget gap."

Baker added that his administration saw the county's fiscal challenges as an opportunity to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions and to prioritize spending in ways that strengthen government and optimize resources.

"I want to commend my leadership team for going to the drawing board several times to devise a sound budget that allows us to be innovative, effective and efficient," he said.

The FY2014 budget is focused on the following seven investments areas:

* A Thriving Economy

* An Excellent Education System

* Safe Neighborhoods

* Quality healthcare

* Effective Human Services

* Clean and Sustainable Environment

* High Performance Government Operations

Baker also said that despite the challenging effects of the recession that continue to impact revenues and place tremendous pressure on the county's budget, his administration feels confident that "these strategic investments will provide positive outcomes and measurable results for our citizens."