Doctor Means Teacher, Not God

3/16/2013, 10:37 a.m.

Dr. Andrea Sullivan's Practical Advice on Homeopathic Care

A huge obstacle to adopting a natural health regimen is not choosing to afford to go to a licensed naturopathic physician or complementary care practitioner. They have health insurance that affords them the opportunity to visit with an Allopathic or conventional doctor, who will continue to prescribe pharmaceuticals, even though they may be aware that the drugs are creating problems. I have many patients who come to me after a constant regime of medications, admitting that they are now tired of the problems the medications are causing and want a different approach. They are finally "sick and tired of being sick and tired." They do not want to come out of pocket for health care and they have health insurance that does not give them what they need or deserve.

Allopathic medicine has also gotten many people accustomed to a quick fix. Suppressing the symptoms and not curing the person is the typical model. We accept the quick fix as good enough for the time being, not understanding that poor health didn't happen overnight and good health will not happen within that time frame either.

Misunderstandings & Myths

African slave or "Secret Doctors" were the early doctors in America, along with Native Americans. We brought some of our beliefs and culture with us to this country regarding voodoo and some of us used it in the slave quarters and fields.

Naturopathy, however, is science based and does not include voodoo or faith healing. We do not have that as part of our course work. We do have the same courses that any medical student would have in addition to our specialties of Botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and Homeopathic medicine for example. That is not to say that prayer and faith are not important in healing but I believe God wants to know you are doing your part.

Many Allopathic doctors do not teach, or in some cases even believe, that nutrition is important. They have told my patients that herbs or Botanical medicine and certainly, Homeopathic medicines do not work. We treat people who have conditions. They treat symptoms. We focus on wellness and what the body can do to make itself well given the proper support, while they focus on illness and how to stop, cut, or burn out the condition that the body is expressing.

Baby Steps

Parents seeking preventative measures to their children developing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension should incorporate dietary changes that must include reducing sugar. If you eat sugar daily, try eating it only 4 times a week. Eat other forms of sweeteners including, turbinado raw sugar, stevia, or succanat, for example. Reduce sodas and artificially sweetened drinks. Reduce the white flour which also turns to sugar in the body. Reduce energy drinks and caffeine, which also affect adrenal glands, which ultimately affect the blood sugar. Exercise is also very important.

Make an appointment in my office. Seek out some healthcare professional to whom you can talk. Read the Stress chapter in my book "A Path to Healing: A Guide to Wellness for Body, Mind and Soul." Take a yoga and meditation class. Read some personal growth/ self-improvement books. Write and say affirmations and do visualizations.

My new book is about African-American women and our superwoman/ Sojourner syndrome that is creating havoc with our health and lives. We are more likely than any other group of women to have and die from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension and depression.

As a sociologist and Naturopath, I am acutely aware of the fact that we take care of everybody else but ourselves. We raise everybody's children in addition to our own and take care of other relatives as well. We are as Sojourner Truth was. We are the emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial support for our communities. We are the model by which our children learn loving and how to handle conflict. We do it all. My new book talks about the Sojourner syndrome, follows cases of superwomen with the above conditions, and provides the Homeopathic, herbal and nutritional prescriptions given to them for their healing.

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