"Reelease" the Music

Brittney Palmer | 3/21/2013, 12:11 p.m.

Every now and again the music industry gets blessed with a sound that doesn't sound like anything that anyone has ever heard before: the sound is unique and fresh, and it snatches your spirit from the second you push play.

The DC metropolitan area is filled with amazing talent just waiting to be showcased, or "Reeleased."

And with the debut of her first album, Reesa Renee, 25, an area native was able to do just that. Reesa Renee's sound is so captivating and serves as a reminder of what made you fall in love with music in the first place, for its purity, honesty and infectiousness, there is no way you can listen to the album and not bob your head, occasionally close your eyes or just dance.

Reesa Renee has an energy that introduces her before her words even have the chance to. She's an artist that believes in staying true to her vision and is committed to just being herself and encouraging others to do the same.

The tracks of her album are laced with her stories and experiences and she gives something that everyone can relate to. I had the pleasure of speaking with Reesa Renee about her album, her journey and what's in the future and it was an amazing opportunity to breathe that rare breath of "music industry fresh air."

Continue reading so that you may enjoy it as well:

WI: May we start by you telling me where your journey began?

RR: My journey began at birth obviously, (laughs) but musically, I would say it started in college; I went to a lot of poetry places in Charlotte and at the time I lost two of my friends to a drunk driving accident, shortly after that I went through a deep depression and I found myself surrounded by the arts. It was my only escape, I didn't want to class, I was drinking a lot and finally I felt like I need to be around some life, and my brother did beats so I would listen to them and before I knew it I was writing poetry to his beats, I never knew that I could do that (write poetry) and then I just started singing and it was such a relieving process, it felt good to sing and I've been doing it ever since.

WI: You're a well-rounded artist from here in the DMV, how does it feel to come from where you started (musically) and to now have the opportunity to play places like the historic Howard Theatre, the Fillmore and to shoot videos in the historic Lincoln Theatre (where Reesa recorded her video "Inspire Me to Write")

RR: It's crazy! Because you have respect for these places and you have a hope for your art form... it's a platform to be able to be on historic stages like that. Like the Howard Theatre and Lincoln Theatre, it's just stupid, like for me being a fan of music and art and to be able to experience that as a musician and an artist it still just knocks you right off of your feet especially when you're doing something like chasing your dream and entrepreneurship and being hopeful for a brighter future and to able to actually do it, it's just tight!