"Reelease" the Music

Brittney Palmer | 3/21/2013, 12:11 p.m.

WI: How did it feel winning first place off of your original song "Got me Loose" at the Apollo?

RR: I said this in the interview right after (wining first place), that I wasn't expecting to win and when I said that it wasn't because I didn't have confidence in myself it was just that I was so pressed to be on the same stage as so many legends, that I wasn't thinking about wining, I was just going out there, I was just going to do it! And so many months before the event, people were telling me "Reesa you should do a cover" and I've never been a cover artist, because singing for me in the beginning was a release, hence my album title (Reelease) so singing someone else's song, I wouldn't be able to really connect as much so I decided to do an original, and to do it and win it was just like yeah! I always tell people that wining Apollo was a stamping point in my career; I just had confidence in myself and realized that I could really do this. And to be on that historic stage, to do my own music even though everybody back there said don't do and to win, you just have to follow your heart, if you don't believe it now you better.

WI: Your brother P-Kay plays a major role in your career, how does it feel to reaches the heights that you have reached with someone who is so special and close to you?

RR: My brother has played a major role in my life, he's my homie and it's always been me and my brother. Our parents are actively involved in the church, so they would always (God bless them) pour their heart into their congregation, so I've always had my brother with me while they were out doing that. And he kind of helps me to express myself, I used to express myself through anger but for it to be so sweet the way that it is now is great in itself, he's my muse. But to be able to work with him is awesome because he's always been the big brother but now I get to be like the big sister, sort of kind of but not really (laughs) and I get to help him with bettering and honing his craft as well because we're actually building something that could work in modern day America career wise.

WI: How did you feel once "Reelease" was finally complete and actually released?

RR: I felt great, I was so happy to just get rid of it, because "Reelease" was originally set to release in May of 2012 so I had all of the tracks and everything but we had to make sure everything was mixed properly so as time went on I listened to that thing like 50,000 thousand times. It was pretty cool though because me and the band ended up writing more songs based off of shows, like I would be asked to do a show and I would say alright, we got a lot of slow songs, c'mon we gotta spice this thing up so we did that and "Radio" is a prime example of that and "Last Goodbye" was also written after the original process of everything. It was so relieving to finally give it up, I was just like here guys take it, take it and run with it I'm done (laughs).