"Reelease" the Music

Brittney Palmer | 3/21/2013, 12:11 p.m.

WI: Do you believe that "Reelease" was well received and did it exceed your expectations?

RR: I never really have expectations, I feel like some expectations set you up for failure in your brain for real. I just did what felt right and what felt good and I put it out feeling that all I need is one, as long as it helps that one person get through whatever it is they need to get through, I'm ok, genuinely speaking I'm ok. So I was blown away by the responses I received from the album, with the Washington post and everybody doing the reviews and this moment right here is all due to the all the hard work me and my team put in to do this so yeah ya'll just keep knocking me off my feet man!

WI: Some of my favorite tracks on the album are "So easy" and "Waste Away" do you have a favorite or is the whole album your favorite?

I've been listening to the build up a lot lately, but I like the whole album.

WI: You're very active in the community like your work with Sports Zone, can you tell me a little more about that?

RR: Absolutely! Sports Zone is one of my sponsors and in working with them, every month I get an allotted amount of sneakers every now and again and I got to the point where I had entirely too many pair of shoes, l love sneakers but I figured that giving sneakers away would be a great way to give back to the community and Sports Zone helps me with that, once a month (at different Sports Zone locations) we do a sneaker raffle, people donate twenty dollars, half of that goes to the Reelease foundation and we give away sneakers to the community, everyone wants to change the world but I feel like before you do that, you have to start with where you're from.

WI: Can you tell me a little more about the Reelease foundation?

RR: Sure, the whole idea behind the Reelease foundation is to help our youth find their outlet, I think one of my biggest problems growing up is that I didn't have an outlet, I didn't have a purpose in life and nothing is worse than living without a purpose. When the Aurora shooting happened I like everyone else was floored by that! So I just ran up to Children's hospital to find out what I could do to help, and I want to start there. One of the things they mentioned to me was their goal to make the environment as comfortable as possible for children who have to stay there for extended periods of time. I plan to get together with the artist community to put different dance and music workshops together for the kids.

WI: Do you feel that you have the support of the DMV, and do you feel that artist in our area support each other?