Deputy Mayor Leads China Trade Delegation

3/24/2013, 3:41 p.m.

In an ongoing effort to strengthen ties and increase trade and investment with one of the world's fastest-growing economies, Victor L. Hoskins, the District's deputy mayor for Planning and Economic Development, has embarked on a nine-day mission to China.

The mission is follows up to the China trip Hoskins took in June with Mayor Vincent Gray, other city administrators and officials from the private sector, including representatives from Howard University and the University of the District of Columbia.

"Last year, I took part in a similar trade trip to strengthen our business relationships with several cities across China, and I am proud that Deputy Mayor Hoskins will continue that overseas economic-development work to ensure that the District continues to diversify our economy," said Mayor Gray. "As we work to increase the District's profile in the global marketplace, this trip will focus on securing foreign direct investment, attracting technology companies and building academic partnerships."

Hoskins is leading the business-development mission to promote investment, trade, and education opportunities for the District in China.

The delegation will stop in:

* Beijing, where District representatives will meet with government officials, sovereign wealth funds, universities and technology companies;

* Shanghai, where the District will meet with government officials, the local chamber of commerce, and potential investors; and

* Suzhou, where university officials will visit The George Washington University's new satellite campus and learn from its academic expansion efforts.

The trip is meant to continue building on the relationships that have emerged between many District-based businesses, academic institutions, individuals and their Chinese counterparts.

While there, Hoskins and the delegation will work on attracting foreign direct investment into the District, inviting Chinese high-tech companies to open research and development facilities in the District, and establishing new partnership agreements between D.C.-based education institutions and China-based universities.