D.C. Political Roundup: Wells Supporters Speak on His Behalf

James Wright | 5/22/2013, 8:16 p.m.
D.C. Council member Tommy Wells announced his 2014 candidacy for mayor on Saturday, May 18 at the Starburst Plaza in ...
Tommy Wells Courtesy Photo

Nevertheless, Norton, 75, is ready to fight the new version.

"With the help of women nationwide, we defeated the D.C. abortion bill on the House floor last [year]," the delegate said. "Now that the Franks bill will expressly target all U.S. women, we can expect an even stronger national response to this attack on women's health."

Frumin Will Not Challenge Cheh

Ward 3 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Matthew Frumin will not challenge D.C. Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) in 2014.

"I have no plans to do anything like that," Frumin, 55, said on May 14.

Frumin placed fourth in the April 23 special election for the vacant at-large D.C. Council seat, with 11.2 percent of the vote. Some political observers felt that the at-large race was a test run to challenge Cheh for re-election next year. Frumin said that assertion simply isn't true.

"I was asked that over and over again during the campaign," he said. "I was running at-large to represent all of the people of Washington, D.C., not just one ward."

Right now, Frumin said he's focused on his work as an advisory neighborhood commissioner and trying to improve the school system.

"If I run again, it will be at-large to represent the city as a whole," he said.