Reader's Voice

WI Web Staff | 5/23/2013, 7:48 a.m.
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Great Photos!

Those were some of the best photographs I have ever seen in the Informer's sports section, May 16, 2013 edition. Washington Informer photographer John De Freitas really gave us a great look at boxer Lamont Peterson preparing for his upcoming fight in Atlantic City, N.J.

Pictures can sometimes reveal things that words just can't convey, and in this case these pictures do just that. Maybe it's the way they are laid out on the page, or the look that's in Peterson's eyes. All I know is that when I turned to that page I said, "Wow." Lamont Peterson is another bright star shining in the skies over D.C. and I wish him all the best in his upcoming fight against Lucas Matthysse.

Howard Keller

Washington, D.C.

John Wilson Remembered

James Wright's article, "Wilson Remembered as Tough, Competent Leader," in the May 16, 2013 edition is very timely and informative for everyone living in the District of Columbia, especially all of our new residents.

Your paper continues to educate all of us on the important historical contributions made by some of our past city leaders. The late John A. Wilson was a hard working, tough city politician who could charm almost anyone in his presence. I can remember him on more than one occasion, being in his company at public events, watching him work the crowds and talking to his constituents. Then when I read quotes from Wilson's colleagues in Mr. Wright's story about how tough he was about getting things done, it just reinforced what I have always believed about him.

I hope everyone takes a little time to read about John A. Wilson, and they will know why there is a building named for him.

Bobbie Cannon

Washington, D.C.