LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A Global Perspective

11/6/2013, 3 p.m.
Even though many events aren't taking place in our own country, we need to know what is happening in and ...
Courttia Newland, author of "The Scholar," penned a definitive book that addresses the experiences of London's young adult population. Photo by Shantella Y. Sherman

Thanks, Washington Informer, for printing the article by Shantella Sherman “Courttia Newland: The Evidence of Things Ignored” in the October 31, 2013 edition of your paper. Even though these events aren’t taking place in our own country we need to know what is happening in and around the world.

Getting the story from a source we know and trust is very important. The Washington Informer has been the standard bearer in our community, providing news and information for us and about us. Now that everything you hear about is global, why not get the stories from around the globe. I hope The Informer continues providing us with stories from around the world, but with a different perspective. We need this kind of information.

Betty J. Golden

Fort Washington, Md.

Positive Coverage in the DMV!

I want to thank you for your positive coverage of our community. I love reading The Washington Informer. The articles shed so much light on so many of the issues that face us. Your writers and photographers do a wonderful job of sharing their crafts with us each and every week. I have always felt that it’s very important for our young folks to know that there are positive things going on in our community and The Informer has always provided us with that information.

Continue the good work, because if you don’t there will certainly be a void. I don’t see any other news agency willing to consistently provide us with positive news that is taking place around us each and every day. I can only imagine how tempting it must be at times to go after the sensational news stories, but please stay the course.

Lonnie Kenny

Washington, D.C.