Dangerous Distractions: Drivers Shoot Video, Take 'Selfies'

AAA Mid-Atlantic, Inc. | 11/18/2013, noon
They are striking a pose while driving. This is the latest dangerous distracted driving behavior that's cropping up on the ...
Courtesy of aaa.com

A driver taking a photo for approximately two seconds takes their eyes off of the road for nearly two basketball courts, nearly half a football field, or over half a soccer field. A driver filming a six second video while driving 60 mph is not paying attention to the road for over 5.5 basketball court lengths, nearly two soccer fields or 1.5 football fields. A driver filming a 15 second video while driving 60 mph is not paying attention to the road for over 14 basketball court lengths, nearly 4.5 soccer fields or nearly 4 football fields.

In the District of Columbia and Maryland it is illegal to operate a phone without a hands-free device. In Maryland and Virginia, drivers younger than 18 are also banned from cell phone use with or without a hands-free device. In the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia it is illegal to text while driving. Both Maryland and Virginia made changes to their texting while driving laws in 2013.

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