Informer Whovians Reveal

11/20/2013, 3 p.m.
In an informal WI survey, "Doctor Who" fans weighed in on their favorite Doctor, episodes, companions, and villains.
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In the five decades since "Doctor Who" was introduced to television audiences, 11 actors, a host of companions, and countless villains have tagged along. Some villains, like the Cybermen and Daleks, have been around almost since the show’s inception and can still be counted among the show’s scariest or most beloved bad guys. And some companions proved as endearing as the Doctors themselves. In an informal Washington Informer survey, Doctor Who fans weighed in on their favorite Doctor, episodes, companions, and villains. Here are some of the responses.

Charles Day, 38, Tour Bus Driver, Upper Marlboro, Md.

Favorite Episode: I am not a sci-fi fan, but there was something about the storylines that lassoed me. I think the first episode I watched was with the Adipose (“Partners in Crime”), which I laughed through, hysterically. Imagine the fat on your body being able to separate from you and run off down the street? The fact that the creators of the show made the “villains” look like little cute marshmallows, was genius. I was hooked after that, so it’s my favorite.

Favorite Doctor: David Tennant, who was cool personified.

Favorite Companion: That’s hard; I liked them all. I loved Rose Tyler, but got a little weepy once she tried finding her way back to him.

Favorite/Scariest Villain: Those relentless Daleks

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Ada Yates, 26, Waitress, Silver Spring, Md.

Favorite Episode: “The Impossible Astronaut”/“Day of the Moon.” No spoilers, but really I couldn’t imagine how the Doctor would escape his own death.

Favorite Doctor: Matt Smith was my first Doctor, so he is my favorite.

Favorite Companion: Even though she is technically not a companion, River Song is the Doctor’s equal in so many ways and in others, she completely stomps him. I love their chemistry.

Favorite/Scariest Villain: The Silence, because it freaks me out to think that something could be chasing me that I cannot remember is after me every time I turn away from it.

Sherelle Simmons, 40, Intake Nurse, Northwest D.C.

Favorite Episode: “Blink!”

Favorite Doctor: David Tennant is the only Doctor for me. He was funny and charming, but could also flake out and become impassioned by different situations. Tennant played against Catherine Tate really well.

Favorite Companion: Toss between Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

Favorite/Scariest Villain: The Weeping Angels terrified me. It’s been years but I can still not walk by a statue without suspecting it moves as soon as I take my eyes off of it. In historic cities like D.C., it is a terrifying concept.

Adrian Aragona, 66, Retired Pilot, Fairfax, Va.

Favorite Episode: Three-way tie between “The Pandorica Opens,” “Big Bang,” and “Rose”

Favorite Doctor: Tennant was my first Doctor, but Matt Smith grew on me. I am a romantic, so the episodes with River Song were wonderful.

Favorite Companion: Amy Pond because I like that they followed her time with the Doctor from her childhood until the end of her episodes. The whole Amy-Rory-Melody storyline that unfolded as Amy traveled with the Doctor kept me guessing. Those were intriguing scripts.

Favorite/Scariest Villain: My favorite villains were the Vashta Nerada; some people say I eat like that! The scariest for me were the Weeping Angels.