THE RELIGION CORNER: Give Thanks Regardless

Lyndia Grant | 11/26/2013, 2 p.m.

Once again the holiday season has arrived. Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes! Another Thanksgiving Day is here, and most of us are focused on the turkey, trimmings and our side dishes, especially our macaroni and cheese.

Unfortunately, the meaning of Thanksgiving is often lost. However, let me remind each of you what you should do first. You’ve got to take some time, and go around the room and ask each guest to share something they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday; and include our leaders, especially our president. Scripture reminds us “… Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1st Thessalonians 5:18.

What do you think you should give thanks for? Should you give thanks for the good things in life along with the challenges that you face? The Bible has a lot to say when it comes to giving thanks. An example is the health care bill. It’s good, yet bogged down with bad news every day. Prayer changes things. Let’s continue to pray that people will benefit as planned.

Of course, we should always be thankful for the blessings and good things that come into our lives. Every book in the Bible speaks of the need for giving thanks to God for the good times, for the blessings, and for the good things we receive. The Book of James states that every good and perfect gift is from above, from God the Father (James 1:17).

If you look at some of today’s celebrities, many of them are truly ingrates. They think that everything is theirs to enjoy, and even when someone gives them something, they never say thank you. God, however, instructs his followers to behave differently. His Word says that we should give thanks in all things, the good and the bad. This shows that we are truly grateful; that we trust and depend on our Heavenly Father.

This should be especially true when we think of the price Jesus Christ paid on the cross for us Christians, how often do you say “Thank you!” to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness he has shown you?

Do you truly understand what Jesus Christ did, what he gave up, so we could be saved from a fiery eternity? When we think of Jesus Christ, when we think of the price He paid on the cross for our sins, and if we have received Jesus into our hearts and lives, we must be thankful. We can never repay him for what he has done for us.

We need to give thanks for the good things, and for the bad; there’s a reason bad things happen. It’s up to us to pray and ask the Lord to show us why they happen.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that still plague our society because they’ve hit the delete button on the inclusion of God and thanksgiving in their daily lives. Racism, one of those bad things happening now, especially among blacks and whites here in America, has gotten totally out of hand.

Electing an African-American president and sending his family to the White House for two terms seems to be a fact that many absolutely refuse to be thankful for; too much venomous hatred in their hearts. So they’d rather negate everything this president does. Let us give thanks for our president, and keep him in our prayers.

Pray this Thanksgiving for the good and the bad. They all work together for our good. We must be thankful for the state of this country, no matter how it appears. These circumstances will keep us Christians praying and thanking God. Scripture says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

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