MUHAMMAD: House Tea Party Caucus like a Ghetto High School Gang

Askia Muhammad | 10/2/2013, 3 p.m.
Members of the tiny minority, Tea Party faction of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives could not be ...
Askia Muhammad

Members of the tiny minority, Tea Party faction of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives could not be any more disgusting in my view even if they walked around, their mouths full of profanities and the pants of those cheap suits they wear, sagging causing their tidy-whitey-jockey shorts to be fully exposed to public view.

In fact, those scoundrels in Congress with their cheap suits and bad haircuts are no better than the rowdy, ghetto, high school hoodlums who walk around, mouths full of curse words, wearing nothing but tank-tops, sleeveless undershirts, and their drooping pants exposing their underwear, stopping as they must, every few feet to pull the pants up a little, lest they sag too far and cause the wearer to trip.

Neither of these mobs of sociopaths—ghetto punks or Tea Party shysters—represents a majority of their larger demographic group, but nothing, nothing is capable of shaming them out of their disgusting behavior.

The ghetto thugs symbolize bad news the moment you see them coming. The Congressional Tea Party thugs mean trouble with a capital “T” the moment they enter a room. In the ghetto, mom and pop stores and gas stations are the targets. On Capitol Hill, the whole country is jeopardized by the shameless swagger and sheer conceit of those right-wing demagogues who are on a mission of government shutdown and ultimate nihilistic destruction.

Neither respect for their elders, for women, for children, nor any conventional societal norms or mores mean anything to teenage ghetto thugs. They live by their own self-defined smash-and-grab law of the jungle. Similarly the Tea Party Mafia has open contempt for its own party’s leadership, as well as for the history of government, collegiality, negotiation, compromise, the rule of law, or the concept that elections have consequences which have ruled this country for more than 236 years.

American mythology declares that this country’s law enforcers never negotiate with terrorists or hostage takers. Oh, the cops will exchange some chicken tenders or some pizza for the release of a couple of hostages, as the conversation with the criminals goes on, but in the end, the bleary-eyed crooks will get overrun in a surprise attack by fresh, rested, SWAT Team members and the bad guys will be killed or captured before they can murder the hostages as they threatened. That’s the code of the movies.

But these Tea Party hostage-takers are demanding, first that the Affordable Care Act, which was duly passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress, signed into law by the President, and then upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, be overturned, or else the entire government will not be funded, and then the country will default on its debts. The “full faith and credit of the United States of America will be worth no more than money from the Monopoly board game. And they’re holding the entire government hostage, right out in the open, and no one—least of all the Republican leaders of the House or any of its veteran leaders from the past—can make them come to heel.